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The Devil's Doorway

In the fall of 1960, Father Thomas Riley and Father John Thornton were sent by the Vatican to investigate a miraculous event in an Irish home for 'fallen women', only to uncover something much more horrific.


Directed by Aislinn Carke.

Written by Martin Brennan, Michael B Jackson & Aislinn Clarke.

Produced by Martin Brennan, Katy Jackson, Michael B. Jackson

Executive Produced by Jeremy Bolt, Mark Huffam, Aidan Elliott

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Zone #414   (Pre-Production)

Metropolitan Zone 414. A place where the ultra-rich can travel to enjoy the companionship of simulations, robots that look virtually identical to humans. When a human girl goes missing in the zone, or as people call it, The City of Robots, a private investigator is hired to find her, and bring her back.


Directed by Andrew Baird

Written by Bryan Edward-Hill

Produced by Martin Brennan, Deborah Shaw-Kollar